Automatic Swing Door System

Automatic Swing Door With EC Turn

The EC Turn is the automatic door systems from GEZE open up an almost unlimited range of door design options. These doors are reliable and excellent solutions for passage selection on internal and external swing doors. They are easily accessible. The door is provided with either single or double door leaf and frame. Hinges can be also fitted to the doors either inward or outward. These doors are widely used in the areas like malls, hotels, corporate offices and airports. These are convenient, useful, easy to maintain and internally air-conditioned. These doors are high in demand among our clients.

Automatic Swing Door

It may sound simple but it requires highly sophisticated technology. The Automatic Swing Door TSA 160 by GEZE makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Day after day from second to second. At the same time it offers a maximum of convenience and safety. The swing door systems TSA 160 by GEZE will easily cope with the frequently tough duties of everyday function while maintaining safety.

Where it is too cumbersome to operate a door by hand, the swing door system TSA 160 take over this job. This provides particular benefits in shops and department stores, hospitals and schools, in homes for the elderly or disabled, as well as in airports and railway stations. Where doors shut quickly, safely and tight, we can of course also expect a significant contribution to energy savings. Therefore the tried and tested TSA 160 system is frequently used for lobbies, entrances to workshops and cool rooms as well as doors at the end of corridors. Likewise, where the highest demands are placed on hygiene, one can frequently find the swing door actuators by GEZE: for example in health centers and hotels.

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  • Item Code: TSA160NT
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